Auto Hub 6023R Wet & Dry Cleaner(Red)

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Auto Hub 6023R Wet & Dry Cleaner(Red)

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Auto Hub 6023R Wet & Dry Cleaner(Red)

Auto Hub Mega 6023 12V DC Vaccum Cleaner & Tire Inflator - Red. Vaccum Cleaner:- Allows you to clean car's interior and remove dust quickly and easily. Washable Air Filter:- Keeps your vacuum cleaner working effectively and efficiently. Tire Inflator:- Helps you to keep tires properly inflated. Built-In pressure Gauge:- Analog pressure gauge makes it simple to check tire pressure & monitor inflation progress. Box Includes:- Dust Cup, crevice tool, 12V power adaptor, Air hose/ Adaptor.Vacuuming Instructions:- Push vacuum plug into cigarette lighter socket,and push slide switch forward to start vacuuming. For themost efficient vacumming, keep the filter bag clean. When cleaning high-loop,pile rugs,pull nozzle in the direction to avoid snagging the nozzle in the pile. Crevice Tool:- the crevice tool for use in hard-to-get-to areas and surfaces in pushed into the collector bowl.

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