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The story behind this ingenius tool


Dear Friends,

When it comes to shop something online, we always realized a need for an impartial online shopping search engine, which is able to tell us where we can find the product at good price and good quality of service.

Before creating, we used to do google search and noted down various parameters like price, availability, time of delivery, after sales support, other customer reviews about the shopping website and the product etc.

It was a long and tedious process, everytime we had to shop online. So we decided to create an online tool that just asks us " What we want to buy " and suggest good deals and offers available considering everything the price, the shopping website, the reviews and ratings from other buyers etc.

Unlike other price comparison sites, this tool also takes account of reputation and review/rating of the online seller or shopping site. And with fair accuracy, it brings up most appropriate product to purchase.

Now with this tool ( we can make an informed decision on Why, What and Where to buy the desired item. Hope you will also find this tool very useful. Please drop your comments and feedback to us at "feedback AT"

Limitation of Liability

So far as permitted by law we exclude any liability for loss or damage of any kind resulting from the use of the Service and any information derived from the Service.