Samsung UA32H5100ARMXL 81 cm (32) LED TV (Full HD)

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Samsung UA32H5100ARMXL 81 cm (32) LED TV (Full HD)

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Samsung UA32H5100ARMXL 81 cm (32) LED TV (Full HD)

Be mesmerized by the brilliance of the Samsung 32H5100 32 inch LED TV by watching the latest blockbuster flicks, music concerts and much more in a sublime clarity on it. Visual Magnificence The Samsung 32H5100 comes equipped with an LED-backlit LCD display that gives you breathtakingly lucid, crisp and crystal-clear images. Full HD technology helps in producing an image resolution of 1920x1080 pixels which is twice as good as ordinary HD TVs. Furthermore, Samsung’s Wide Colour Enhancer Plus technology incorporates an advanced picture quality improvement algorithm that boosts image quality and brings out unseen details. Store Unforgettable Moments in Virtual Form The Samsung 32H5100 lets you take picture screenshots while a film is running with the push of a single button; you can store the pictures on an external data storage device that’s connected to your TV and you can take a look at it as and when you please. In a similar fashion, you can also record high quality audio from a channel of your liking and store it on an external data storage device. Relive the best moments that the world of entertainment has to offer. There’s No Sport Like Cricket An easy to use Cricket Mode feature lets you view cricket matches, as well as other games, in surround sound and an enhanced picture quality. This feature also allows you to freeze a live cricket match and split the screen into 9 segments so that you can zoom in on any one spot to get a detailed understanding of all the sporting action. Swift Connectivity The ConnectShare Movie feature lets you enjoy all the movies, music, photos and more that are stored on a USB drive or an external hard drive on your TV’s massive screen. Additionally, you can transfer virtual data from one external data storage device to another by connecting both to your TV; during this process you can enjoy the contents of one of these devices. Top-notch Durability The Samsung 32H5100 has an In-built Lightning Protector, an In-built Humidity Protector and an In-built Surge Protector, thereby keeping your television safe even when harmful forces such as lightning, humidity and voltage spikes occur.

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