Videocon VKC40FH 102.1 cm (40.2) LED TV (Full HD)

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Videocon VKC40FH 102.1 cm (40.2) LED TV (Full HD)

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Videocon VKC40FH 102.1 cm (40.2) LED TV (Full HD)

For those who love to watch bright and clear pictures to soothe their sense of vision, this is the TV. Watch pictures in incredible detail and richer colours with lively sound on this 40 inches LED TV from Videocon. LED Display The display is one of the most important features that define a television and it is also the first thing that is noticed. LED display technology improves on other technologies by providing better clarity and sharper contrasts. The technology helps the display adjust itself constantly to the images on the screen thereby creating picture parameters that are suitable for the images. Full HD Enjoy your movies, sports and favourite shows with breath-taking detail and crystal clear pictures as the Videocon VKC40FH comes with Full HD technology. Video Enjoy a more pronounced contrast with the Mega Contrast Ratio feature making it easier for viewers to see pictures on differently coloured backgrounds. The 16.7 million Display Colours bring smooth transition of colours and makes them look more realistic thereby making the pictures more accurate. With a greater viewing angle you can now enjoy viewing from the sides or while lying down without having to compromise on any part of the frame. The Motion Jitter Compensation feature does away with the motion blur in pictures by reducing the noises from the signals received during transmission. Fast motion picture frames in action movies and sports can now be relished as the images are more clear and defined. Audio Entertain yourself with favourite music in quality sound as the Videocon VKC40FH comes with the Music Mode feature. As the model also supports USB (MP3) you can play your playlists and favourite tracks to begin the day or to entertain guests. Adjust the sound and set it on bass, treble or balance mode according to your preference. Connectivity Connect with audio or video devices using the two HDMI terminals through HDMI cable. HD set-top box, blu-ray player, gaming consoles and other devices can all be connected with the TV and your day will not have a dull moment. You can also access your multimedia files from flash drives and external hard drives with the USB 2.0 port, and enjoy more videos, songs and movies in various formats like MPEG, JPG, MP3, etc.

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