Mayo Flip Cover for HTC Desire 620G DS (Black)

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Mayo Flip Cover for HTC Desire 620G DS (Black)

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Mayo Flip Cover for HTC Desire 620G DS (Black)

PrixCracker is now presenting Dot View Flip Case (OEM) for HTC One M8; This Dot View case is made by HTC, so you can be sure of a perfect fit. You've seen notification window technology before, but this is something else altogether... Meet Dot View - an ingenious new solution from HTC for receiving notifications with your case cover still closed. Hundreds of perforations allow your display to relay information to you through the case cover, so you can respond to calls, alarms & calendar alerts and see notifications without opening the case. Not only is Dot View brilliant in terms of function, it's also brilliant in terms of form. Remember those dot matrix displays on machines, clocks, railway departure indicators etc? You will be filled with feelings of nostalgia when you view your notifications in this style. Full front and rear protection Case closed! That is to say, you don't have to open your case on the move if you do not wish to therefore your HTC 620G is fully protected front and rear. The case is an official HTC product and as a result, it features the highest quality materials and also precision cut-outs for the various ports and features of the HTC One M8 - meaning you won't have to remove the phone from the case to use it. Features: Official HTC accessory Featuring Dot View see-through notification technology Stylish dot matrix retro look and design Full front and rear protection Designed specifically for the HTC 620G Installation Instruction Tilt the mobile phone at an angle while aligning the left side of the mobile with the opening for the mobile Buttons. Slowly lower the right side of the mobile and apply pressure until the entire mobile clicks into place. Hold the mobile with iGlaze firmly with your right hand with right thumb pressed against top-right side of iGlaze. Use your left hand to gently pull the mobile out of the casing by lifting the right side of the mobile. *Declaration: For more features and themes please visit google play store to download HTC Dot View Application. Free HD Screen Guard ** Please Bear in Mind that Photo May Slightly different from Actual Item in Terms of colour due to the Lighting during Photo Shooting or the Monitors Displa

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