ADDY Car Cover For Toyota Etios

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ADDY Car Cover For Toyota Etios

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ADDY Car Cover For Toyota Etios

Key Features of ADDY CAR Cover• Material: Fabric• Color: Blue• Water RepellantADDY Car Cover (With Mirror Pockets)Key Features of ADDY Car Cover(With Mirror Pocket) • 100 % Water Proof ADDY Car Cover For ( Blue) With Mirror Pocket 1)100% Waterproof Matt finish Car Body Cover made by 100% Waterproof Material. 2)New stylish and Elegant Stripe design gives a whole new look to your car and side mirror pockets to give extra care to side mirrors. 3)Highly Durable and Long Lasting, 100% Waterproof material protects your vehicle against wet, humid and dusty climatic conditions. Hi-performance waterproof fabric naturally resists moisture, fungus and expels stale odor. 5)Double Stitched and High Quality imported threads used to stitch the cover tight and securely. 6)Keeps your vehicle cooler, dry and dust free, it remains unaffected by adverse climatic conditions. 7)Uses reinforced side grommets for cover tie down. UV stable materials ensure a long life. 8) Machine washableFoldable Material,Double german Stitched. 9)Colour –& Blue--"Perfect fitting for the mentioned car model" Comes in Handy carry Bag With Mirror Pocket Specifications of addy Car Cover For ( Blue) GENERAL Brand addy Model Year NA Water Repellant Yes Vehicle Model Name All Shade Blue Material Fabric Universal Fit No Storage Bag Included Yes Color Blue IN THE BOX 1 Car CoverSpecifications of ADDY Car Cover For (With Mirror Pockets)GENERALAntenna Slot Available NoBrand addyWater Repellant YesUV Ray Protection YesShade BlueWeather Resistant YesMaterial FabricSide Mirror Pockets YesUniversal Fit NoColor BlueStorage Bag Included Yes Tear Resistant YesADDITIONAL FEATURESOther Features NoIN THE BOXOne car body cover, storage cover

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