Prc net Prc Doubled Bed Mosquito Net

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Prc net Prc Doubled Bed Mosquito Net

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Prc net Prc Doubled Bed Mosquito Net

Product details : PRC Doubled Bed Mosquito Net ensures 100% protection against mosquitoes, flies and other insects. This easy to install net with one of the finest mesh ensures that nothing can enter through this mesh. So it doesn't allow mosquitoes to enter through it and prevents you from deadly diseases like dengue, malaria caused by mosquitoes, insect bites. It comes with fold-able facility and is very much light weighted which allows the users to carry it while travelling or using it at home easily. So now there is no need of finding bamboos and hooks to make a mosquito net on outings simply put this net in small bag. This light weighted easy to carry net can be installed anywhere any time. The net creates a comfort zone for sleeping and ensures a sound sleep for babies. The spacious net have large zippers gates which allows easy entry and exits. Net comes in many different colours to choose from which gives buyers a choice to purchase their favourite colour so that it could enhance their decor as well. Being spacious, comfortable and stylish this net can be one of the special collection for decor of the house as well. Keeping in mind the consumer needs Prc has ensured that people get full value for their money spent and have produced a net which not only prevents people from mosquito bites, it is very much handy easy to use as well as is designed in such a stylish way that it definitely adds on to the decor of the bedroom. Features: Complete Protection: The finest mesh of net ensures that no mosquito or flies can go through it which gives 100% protection to the users form mosquitoes as well as prevents them from deadly diseases caused by mosquitoes as well. Pleasant Sleep: Net restricts the entry of mosquitoes through it so no mosquito bites on knees, elbows, knuckles as well as no fuzzy mosquito sound in ears which ensures pleasant sleep. Light Weighted: This Mosquito net is very much light weighted which makes it easy to carry and install anywhere. Easily Foldable: The net can be folded in seconds and then can be installed easily in seconds as well. which allows people to carry it with them and install it where ever they want to within seconds as well. Direction to Use: 1. Take out the mosquito net from the bag provided. 2. Just unfold and open the net. 3. When completely open, place the net on the ground or wherever you want to place it. 4. The net has a zippered part on two sides, open the zip to enter and close the zip once you are inside. 5.Similarly, you can close the net by joining two parts of the net together and twist to fold it into a smaller size. 6. After folding, put it inside the bag.

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