Titan NF2331YM02 Raga Analog Watch - For Women

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Titan NF2331YM02 Raga Analog Watch  - For Women

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Titan NF2331YM02 Raga Analog Watch - For Women

Break away from the prevalent fashion trends and set new standards of glamour with your style quotient. Let the Titan Raga series of watches become the beacon of your identity and represent your individuality through its unique craftsmanship. Crafted for women of substance, these watches will surely impress you with their stylish designs. Flaunt this exquisite Titan Raga Analog Watch for women with élan and enjoy the expression of awe in the eyes of others for your timepiece. The stylish time wear blends in effortlessly with any attire, transforming you into a diva. A perfect accessory for any occasion, the battery-powered timepiece can be worn for your colleague’s house warming party as well as the wedding of a friend. Body and Design Crafted with minute attention to detail, the women’s watch from Titan lets you bask in the glory of wearing an elegant and sophisticated timepiece. The charming time wear comes with a contemporary dial, which wears a look of serenity. A mineral glass cover on the dial keeps it safe from scratches, apart from adding to the enigmatic sheen of the timepiece. The wonderful design of the dial is complemented by the polished appearance of the watch case. Made of brass, the beautiful case adds a glamorous touch to the appearance of the Titan Raga watch for women. Brass being a sturdy metal alloy, the watch case is endowed with outstanding durability. Brass also possesses the property of resistance to corrosion, thus keeping the internal components of the watch safe from damages. Moreover, the Titan watch is equipped with a metal strap that ensures a comfortable experience for the wearer. Crafted in the form of solid links, the watch strap adds a dash of glamour to your persona, making you the heartthrob at any party that you go to. Functions and Other Features Along with its exquisite physical attributes, the trendy Titan ladies’ watch also excels in the function of timekeeping. Thanks to its capacity to resist water up to a depth of 30 m, this Titan watch qualifies as the ideal accessory during the monsoon. The water-resistant timepiece can be worn even as you spend some lazy moments in your apartment’s swimming pool after work. The Titan Raga analog wristwatch is an ideal accessory for women who love to sport a glamorous look, full of elegance.

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