Shopizone VR BOX 2.0 Video Glasses

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Shopizone VR BOX 2.0 Video Glasses

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Shopizone VR BOX 2.0 Video Glasses

The Shopizone VR2 is a Virtual Reality (VR) Headset that works with your smartphone. It allows you to view in true and explore the Virtual world with head tracking. Just place your Android or iOS powered smartphone in to the VR headset and launch a VR-Headset compatible app and lose yourself in the experience. The VR2 uses the sensors in your phone for the head tracking technology. The VR2 is inspired by the Google Cardboard and works with all the cardboard apps and it is compatible with most phones with display sizes varying from 3.5" to 5.7". The Google Cardboard application can be used with the nHance VR2 by using HID devices such as Game Controllers or Keyboard and Mouse over Bluetooth or via USB. The nHance VR2 is ergonomically designed with cushioning for it to stay comfortably on your face while you play games and watch movies for an extended period. It comes with an adjustable elastic harness that holds it on your face with the help of a leather pad that sits at the base of your skull. The nHance VR2 uses a pair of Aspherical Optical Lens which are removable and can be adjusted left and right or front and back based on the phone display size and the users eye focus comfort. The interpupillary distance is also adjustable to fit most people perfectly. The smartphone mount in the headset is adjustable and can accommodate phones of various sizes. It even ensures that you phone is aligned well with the lenses. On both the sides, there is a port access slot which allows users to charge the phone and to access the 3.5mm jack for audio. Play your favourite games in first person , watch your favourite movies on a large virtual theatre screen and explore new places and attend events in first person.

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