Philips HP8344 Hair Straightener

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Philips HP8344 Hair Straightener

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Philips HP8344 Hair Straightener

Whether it is a famous personality or a girl next door, straight hair style has become common amongst every woman. If you are someone who loves straight hair with no frizz and waves, then this hair straightener from Philips is something that you need. Instant Heat-up This straightener takes just 30 seconds to heat up, so you don’t have to wait for a long time. If you are not gifted with naturally straight hair, fret not as you can straighten your hair easily with this straightener.  Ionic Conditioning The ionic conditioning ensures straight, smooth and silky hair while also improving its strength and overall health. Ceramic Coating Ceramic is usually smooth and durable by nature and is one of the best materials used for straightening plates. The SilkySmooth plates of this straightener are carefully processed to enhance smooth gliding. And the caring properties of the ceramic will give you that perfect shiny hair. ThermoGuard The ThermoGuard prevents unintentional heat exposure above 200 degree C. This hair straightener also comes with digital settings with adjustable heat to get smooth results, be it any hair type.  Key-lock Function With the key-lock function, you don’t have to worry about any accidental change of settings while straightening your hair. Hanging Loop The hanging loop of this hair straightener ensures easy package and storage. The handle closing lock mechanism located at the base of the straightener makes storage quick and easy and helps protect it from accidental damage.

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