Lenovo A6000 (Black, 8 GB)

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Lenovo A6000 (Black, 8 GB)

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Lenovo A6000 (Black, 8 GB)

The Lenovo A6000 is a smartphone designed for multimedia and music lovers on a budget. It features a 5" wide-view HD display that offers good resolution. It also has a Snapdragon quad core processor that delivers responsive system performance. 4G LTE Data Speeds This phone allows for fast you to enjoy data transfer speeds for streaming videos and music, or multiplayer gaming. This phone has LTE Cat 4 speeds of up to 150Mbps download and up to 50Mbps upload. Twin Dolby Speakers This Lenovo phone comes with Twin Dolby speakers which offer enhanced volume and crisp sound. Listen to your favorite tracks with clear, rich sound on this smartphone. Snapdragon Processor This smartphone is equipped with Snapdragon 64-bit quad-core processor which gives you a responsive system performance. It is supported with 1 GB of RAM for seamless multitasking capabilities. Design & Display A polycarbonate body makes this phone light and easy to carry, weighing only 128 grams, The phone has a slim, 8.2mm profile. Watch your favorite videos on this phone's 12.7 cm (5) wide-HD display. Camera Take incredible photos on the Lenovo A6000's 8 MP primary camera with flash. It's 2 MP fixed-focus, secondary camera is also great for fun selfies. Operating System This smartphone comes with Android's 4.4 KitKat operating system. This takes the system performance to an all-time high by optimizing memory and improving the touchscreen so that it responds better. Long Battery Life This phone comes with a 2300 mAh lithium-ion battery to give you hours of entertainment and connectivity throughout the day. This battery is replaceable. Connectivity Utilize the connectivity of two SIM cards this phone's Dual SIM feature. This phone is Wi-Fi enabled, allowing you to connect to wireless internet networks. Transfer media files to and from other devices via Bluetooth v4.0. The phone also has FM Radio capabilities to connect to local radio stations. Sensors This phone comes with a proximity sensor which detects nearby objects. It also has a gravitation sensor which controls the phone's orientation and a light sensor which adjusts the display's background to improve user viewability and increase power savings. Storage Store up to 8 GB of data on this phone’s internal storage space. You can expand the storage up to 32 GB to store more apps, games and photos.

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