Intex Aqua Life III

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Intex Aqua Life III

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Intex Aqua Life III

Max-out With The Super Smooth OS ANDROID 5.1 Lollipop From now on multitasking would be fun. Listen to music, browse the web and chat at the same time. Nothing can slow you down. Bring Alive The Experience - AQUA Life III has a stunning display with the amazing power of colours. It’s time to pour life into everything you do. Latest Fashion Statement AQUA Life III comes in three premium colours to suit your style. Its light body, sleek design, and premium Metal Brush finish are Something that you would love to flaunt. While you are recording the video using the rear camera, continuous tapping on the screen for about few seconds will take a picture of the screen which you are recording. Capture all that you love in slow motion and extend the joy. An exciting match or friends birthday- shoot it all and enjoy the whole action in slow motion. Want to capture the mesmerizing beauty of landscapes at one go in one picture? No worries!! With AQUA LIFE III’s PANORAMA SHOT function you can capture the moment. AQUA LIFE III AIR SHUFFLE function allows you to operate the phone with simple hand gestures. While listening to music, now you can easily Play, Pause, or go to the Next or Previous Track without even touching the screen. Power Button to End Call, By using the power button instead of a software key to terminate calls, you don't even have to look at the phone. This could be useful when you're doing something else in parallel with talking on the phone.

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