Happy walls Extra Large PVC vinyl Sticker

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Happy walls Extra Large PVC vinyl Sticker

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Happy walls Extra Large PVC vinyl Sticker

APPLICATION: Thoroughly Clean The Surface TO Ensure The Surface Is Free From Moisture, Grease or Dust. Our Designs Come In Multiple Pre-Cut Pieces Stuck On A Backing Paper. Just Peel The Precut Pieces Of Design One by One From The Backing Paper And Paste Accordingly On Desired Surface As Per Instructions. Press Firmly To Remove Any Air Bubbles. There Is A Small Preview Image Available On The Sticker Itself For Your Better Understanding. No Nails Or Adhesive Needed.Reflect Your Personal Sense Of Style And Taste With Our Wide Range Of Self-Adhesive Happy Walls Wall Sticker Designs To Choose From That Come In Various Sizes & Designs To Instantly Add Class, Style, And Elegance To Your Home, Hall, Living Room, Lounge, Front Porch, Bedroom, Kids Room, Office, Restaurant, Bar, Clinics, Guestrooms, Lobby, Reception Area, Corporate Office, Cafeteria, Hospital, Boutique, Shops, Nursery, Playschool, Schools, Shops, Hotel, Etc. Our Decals Can Be Applied On Any Smooth dry and clean Surface Like Painted Walls, Painted Or Plastic Doors, Metal Doors, Glass Surfaces, Mirrors, Refrigerators, Tiles, Lockers, Wardrobes, Cabinets, Front Doors, etc.Unlike Posters, Our Wall Stickers Give An Effect Of A Painting And Blend Well With The Background. Our Stickers Can Easily Be Removed When Not Needed Without Damaging The Surface. You Can Change Your Wall Sticker Designs Any Number Of Times Instantly According To The Occasion, Festival or Mood. Just Peel Off The Sticker And Stick Another One As & When Needed.NOTE: Do not apply on uneven, rough, cracked or freshly painted surfaces. Painted walls should be let to cure for at least 3 - 4 weeks before application of wall sticker.PLEASE LEAVE US A POSITIVE FEEDBACK AND CONTACT US FOR ANY SUGGESTIONS OR QUERIES.

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