Titan 2480SM03 Tagged Analog Watch - For Women

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Titan 2480SM03 Tagged Analog Watch - For Women

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Titan 2480SM03 Tagged Analog Watch - For Women

Hailing from one of the biggest and most reputed watchmakers in India, Titan and belonging to its Tagged range of wristwatches. Known for their trendy designs and rich colour, this Titan Tagged Analog Watch for women keeps this series design going with a classy and sophisticated look, making it an ideal combination of aesthetics and functionality to be adorned on your wrist. Body and Design This smartly crafted women’s analog timepiece from Titan’s Tagged collection flaunts a round dial that is largely dominated by light colours. This dial houses a watch face that features a light coloured outermost track with bright metallic bar numeral markers. The large circle at the middle has a metallic background on which sit 3 sub-dials that are responsible for indicating the watch’s key secondary functions. This well-crafted dial has a significant layer of stainless steel that forms a case surrounding the dial, providing it with the all-important aspect of shock and impact resistance. The stainless steel case carries a bright and rich metallic finish that adds a great deal to the watch’s good looks. The three time indicating hands on this watch also have the same metallic finish as the hour markers, making the various elements on the dial easily visible, thus providing you with hassle-free time reading. The entire dial and case configuration on this Titan Tagged Analog Watch is kept comfortably attached to your wrist with its stylish and elegant metal strap. Functions and Other Features The three sub-dials contained in the dial are for the purpose of indicating the day, date and the time in the 24-hour format. All the time, day and date related changes or operations that you wish to carry out can easily be done with the watch’s rotating crown, which is at the right side of the dial’s case. The watch’s sturdy construction which includes the dial’s stainless steel case along with a durable mineral glass cover gives it a water-resistant capability of up to 50 m. With such a high level of aesthetics, durability and functionality, this women’s analog watch from Titan’s Tagged series are the ideal choice of wrist wear to make a strong style statement, which is sure to make heads turn, everywhere you go.

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