Philips HR7627/00 650 W Food Processor(White)

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Philips HR7627/00 650 W Food Processor(White)

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Philips HR7627/00 650 W Food Processor(White)

Classy, High-quality Food Processor-Preparing meals at home is easier now with the Philips Daily Collection food processor. This handy kitchen appliance performs multiple functions to help you prepare delicious meals at home. Its elegant design immediately brings an air of sophistication to your kitchen. Manufactured from ABS plastic, this Philips food processor is durable, sturdy and long lasting. The food processor also comes with a strong 2.1 litre bowl to process your food. You can control the speed on this Philips food processor with its pulse and dual speed control settings. SuperChop Technology For Multiple Functions.The Philips mini food processor features the powerful SuperChop technology. It slices, dices, chops and grates hard and soft food ingredients in a fine manner, as well as swiftly mixes your batters and purees. The high-quality stainless steel knives chop, slice, mince, cut and grind both wet and dry food, reducing your manual chores to more than a half. Granulate, coarsely shred and slice nuts, meat and other vegetables with the durable stainless steel disks. This mini food processor has a wider feeding tube to fit in large food items without having to pre-cut them.Powerful Motor, Non-slip Feet And Easy-to-clean.For optimal functioning, this Philips mini food processor runs on 650W to prepare your meals. To prevent this device from slipping and causing injuries, the base is padded with non-slip feet. You can also comfortably clean the accessories of this 650 Watt food processor in a dishwasher. Maximum variety of recipes, minimum effort, Create home made breads, cakes, drinks and more- This Philips Daily collection Food Processor has a compact design including a 2.1 L bowl and a variety of high performance accessories. Preparing delicious homemade food has never been so easy!, Powerful precision. PowerChop technology for superior chopping performance. Maximum variety of recipes. Emulsifying tool for cream and egg whites, High performance stainless steel disc inserts, Sharp and strong stainless steel S blade for chopping, Up to 5 portions in one go. Easiest assembly, use and cleaning,No mess from center of the bowl due to lack of inner shaft. 650 Watt motor for powerful processing. 2 speed settings and pulse for maximum control. Dishwasher safe accessories.2 speed settings and pulse-For best results, use the low speed setting (speed 1) to whip cream, beat eggs, create pastries and bread dough. The higher speed setting (speed 2) is well suited to chop onions and meats, blend soups and smoothies or shred, slice, grate or rasp vegetables.40% larger feeding tube-The new Philips Daily collection Food Processor comes with a feeding tube which is 40% larger than the previous R7625 model, saving precutting time of fruits and vegetables. Stainless steel disc inserts- Simply select the right stainless steel disc insert to prepare your favorite ingredient and click it onto the disc holder. Performance has been tested extensively to provide the best slicing and shredding results. Powerful processing- This Philips Food Processor offers a powerful motor providing power and control to prepare all your favorite recipes. Up to 5 portions in one go- The generous 2.1L bowl enables you to blend up to 5 portions of soup in one go. Dishwasher safe access. Accessories- All accessory parts of your Philips food processor can be put on the top rack of your dishwasher for easy cleaning. Emulsifying tool- The perfect tool for whipping, whisking or emulsifying eggs or whipped cream. For best volume increase and fluffiness, use the low speed setting. Creating delicious desserts or mayonnaise has never been easier!. PowerChop technology- PowerChop technology is a combination of blade shape, cutting angle and inner bowl that provides a superior chopping result in both soft and hard ingredients. It is also perfect for making pur�es and mixing your cake batters!. Philips Green Logo- Philips Green Products can reduce costs, energy consumption and CO2 emissions. How? They offer a significant environmental improvement in one or more of the Philips Green Focal Areas � Energy efficiency, Packaging, Hazardous substances, Weight, Recycling and disposal and Lifetime reliability.

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