Micromax Canvas Tab P70221

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Micromax Canvas Tab P70221

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Micromax Canvas Tab P70221

Calling tabletSee the bigger picture on the magnificent 17.87cm (7) TFT screen of the all new Canvas Tab P70221. Designed for a snug fit in your hands, the calling tablet brings long-distance conversations to life with Wi Fi & 3G connectivity.Larger Than Life VisualsThe impressive WSVGA display brings alive a panorama of colours when you’re browsing photos & videos on Snapchat or Instagram. Reading your favourite e-books and watching movies becomes a larger than life experience with enhanced visual depth and detail. Gaming becomes twice as fun on the TFT screen.•17.78cm (7) TFT Display•1024*600 WSVGA Resolution•262K Colour DepthStore Bigger Bytes Of Entertainment!Pile up the photos, music, games, documents, videos, and e-books with the 16GB expansive storage. So the next time you’re downloading HD movies and high bit rate audio files, you won’t have to think twice before tapping ‘download’.The incredibly fast Wi Fi connectivity lets you excel at work while you’re sharing heavy files over mail & video-conferencing with colleagues! Keep your colleagues close & friends closer with dual SIM 3G connectivity.•Wi Fi connectivity•Dual SIM enabled•3G connectivity•Bluetooth 4.0Multitasking Won’t Be A Task Anymore!Answer the Call of Duty with the powerful 1.3GHz Dual Core processor that loads action-packed visuals and game levels, minus the lag. The processor’s high-level performance will be the perfect company to your spurts of productivity whenever you’re multitasking on Presentations and PDFs.•1.3GHz Dual Core Processor•1GB RAMCapture Both Sides Of The Story With Clarity!Start and end your day on a bright note with the 2MP Auto Focus rear camera. The 2MP selfie camera has its eye on you when you’re pouting away to glory, so bring on a selfie session anytime of the day.•2MP AF rear camera•2MP front cameraStop It If You Can!The next time you’re at the top of your game, low battery levels won’t steal the thunder. The Canvas Tab P70221 has 3200 mAh Battery which will stand by you for days, so you can click-start a movie marathon anytime you want.•11.5hrs Talk Time•3.5hrs Browsing Duration•158hrs Standby ModeDeliciously Smart!The P70221 is loaded with Android Kit Kat 4.4.2. The P70221 is always at your command, so you can initiate Google searches, play videos and more with voice commands. With Immersive Mode, you can tap goodbye to distractions while reading your favourite magazine or playing a game.•Google OK•Immersive Mode•Faster multi-tasking with improved touch response

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