TVS Apache -160-Standard Disc ( New Style ) (Ex-showroom Bengaluru - 73,274)

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TVS Apache -160-Standard Disc ( New Style ) (Ex-showroom Bengaluru - 73,274)

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TVS Apache -160-Standard Disc ( New Style ) (Ex-showroom Bengaluru - 73,274)

Whether you consider its powerful engine, ergonomic and stylish body or the advanced brake system, the TVS Apache RTR 160 red is a beast of a bike that will help you reign the streets with speed and style. Performance and safety Whether it’s an errant speedster crossing your path at the wrong angle, or the sudden change in traffic lights, this bike’s Roto pedal disc brakes and the synchronized stiff chassis offer you absolute control on the road, thereby providing you with additional safety. These specially designed disk brakes also facilitate advanced heat dissipation so that you get a smooth ride even on bumpy roads. Apart from that, the Remora tires with their fish-like grip, prevent you from skidding and slipping on the track. The RTR-inspired engine of this bike churns out 15.2 bhp power along with 13.1 Nm of blistering torque for fast pickup in a very short time. Featuring Telescopic oil damped front suspension and Monotube inverted gas filled rear suspension, this bike offers you 5 step adjustable shocks with rectangular swing arm for agility on the track. Style Featuring a sculpted display with nocturnal-blue backlit, countdown-on-ignition speedometer and carbon fiber cues, this bike will be hard to miss when you zoom past others on the road. It is fitted with tank scoops that facilitate smooth inflow and outflow of air to keep the engine at an optimal temperature. The chiseled tail cowl features a racing-bike-inspired design with tri-colored race insignia and a sleek array of LED lights. The bright headlamps with pilot lamps and LED light guide look like the eyes on a powerful beast ready to charge. The aerodynamic razor-like design of the engine cowl is not only stylish but also affects the bike’s performance and helps in reducing engine heat. Comfort For effectively racing your bike on the track you have to be comfortable in your seat. The ergonomically designed seat of this RTR bike facilitates optimum stability, balance and comfort. The handle bars with adjustable split clip and adaptable brake pedal along with gear levers adds more comfort for an amazing riding experience.

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