MeeMee Baby Walker Cum Rocker

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MeeMee Baby Walker Cum Rocker

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MeeMee Baby Walker Cum Rocker

You wish you could just watch your little one prance around the house all day. Once you place them in this MeeMee Baby Walker Cum Rocker, your child has the time of their life. Ideal for your 6 month old son or daughter, this walker cum rocker by MeeMee requires self assembly which is quite easy. It is also foldable which is a feature that comes in handy when you are going for a trip for a few days. Instead of putting your child in their cradle all day long, let them enjoy moving about themselves within this MeeMee walker. It comes with a 3 position height adjustment feature that allows you to position this rocker to whichever height that is convenient to you. Whether you are going for a walk or just reading a book on the couch, you can adjust this MeeMee rocker to one of the 3 positions to suit your convenience. It also comes with a removable and washable seat pad. Keeping your child entertained throughout the day are the removable electronic play tray and the fun character toys. Allowing your child to move about with ease, the wheeled bottom is especially useful. It allows you to let your child enjoy the views outside their cradle. MeeMee ensures that this walker cum rocker is equipped with everything that you and your child would need. It comes with a mat and a backside handle that allows you to take control when required. Additionally, you can easily convert this walker into a rocker. With this MeeMee walker cum rocker, the fun is just beginning.  

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