Casio SL59 Pro Trek Analog-Digital Watch - For Men

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Casio SL59 Pro Trek Analog-Digital Watch - For Men

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Casio SL59 Pro Trek Analog-Digital Watch - For Men

The Casio Pro Trek watch series caters to the needs of adventurous men. The Casio Pro Trek watch is just the right accessory to satisfy your passion of exploration. The wonderful watch displays time in the analog-digital format and is the perfect instrument for sports enthusiasts. The magnificent timepiece is equipped with a state-of-the-art solar power system that ensures that your watch keeps ticking without fail. Body and Design This men’s analog-digital watch from Casio boasts of a modernist craftsmanship with a touch of masculinity, which will impress the expedition-crazy person in you. The attention to detail in the design of the round dial speaks volumes about the artistic calibre of the watchmaker, making this timepiece even more alluring. This Pro Trek analog-digital watch not only boasts of an attractive design, but it also has a sturdy build. The dial is protected from wear and tear thanks to a sturdy case made of resin. The watch consists of a fabric strap with a buckle clasp; this adds to the comfort of the wearer during long trips. Functions and Other Features If you are a fitness freak, the multiple features of this wonderful timepiece will come in handy for you. You can use this lovely timepiece as a stopwatch when you go out for a jog in the neighbourhood park. You can also use this watch as a countdown timer and use it during training sessions for an athletic competition. For your convenience this multifunctional watch comes with five alarm settings, making sure you do not miss the office cab. Thanks to the presence of auto LED light, you can use this watch to read time at night too. Featuring world time display, the smart device comes in handy when you are travelling to a new country. The watch has an auto calendar, which will bring respite to all those men who have a tough time remembering dates. This Casio Pro Trek Analog-Digital watch is a worthy collectible for men who frequently go trekking. Enabled with features like altimeter, barometer and thermometer, this time telling device easily replaces the various assortments one needs to carry on a mountaineering expedition. In case you lose your way while exploring a jungle, you can always use the digital compass that this Casio watch is equipped with to find your way back. The temperature-resistant watch is endowed with a power saving feature and indicates the battery level so that you are not caught unawares during a long trekking mission. You can also set the button operation tone on or off as per your needs. This analog-digital sports watch from Casio allows the user to enjoy the thrills of water sports without causing any damage to the gorgeous timepiece. Water resistant up to a depth of 100 m, the timepiece will grace your wrist whether you enjoy river rafting on a hilly stream or spending a lazy afternoon during a fishing expedition. An ideal companion for adventurous men, the Casio watch will be a valued addition to your list of collectibles.

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